Aquila GPS


Discover a brand new GPS, created especially for gliding.
With its 800 nits High Brightness screen, the AQUILA GPS remains perfectly readable even in bright sunlight
This next-generation GPS runs Android 6.0 and comes with preinstalled XCSoar.



is a brand new GPS device specially designed for gliders.

Key Points

Screen 5 ” High Brightness

GPS Display

The readability of a flight instrument is paramount, it must remain bright under every flight conditions and mainly in full sun.
Its 5-inch 800 x 480 pixels capacitive screen with a luminance of 800 nits is readable in all circumstances and meets criteria of brightness, contrast but also anti-reflections.

Quality components

The reliability of this GPS has also been particularly worked out. Aquila incorporates a high-quality GPS chip suitable for air navigation.
Unlike a mobile phone, Aquila was designed to withstand severe temperature constraints. You won’t have any problems with an unexpected bug or shutdown due to overheating of the device.

Open Source Software

This next-generation GPS runs Android 6.0 which which makes it scalable. You will be able to send your flight files directly by email or post your flights on the OLC by connecting it to WiFi.
It comes with the pre-installed XC Soar navigation software and also supports LK8000 or XC Track.


Aquila comes with XC Soar navigation software. What’s in the box ?

1 . A suction cup mount
2. The Aquila GPS
3. Cigarette lighter outlet charger (12 V)
4. A mini USB charging cable
5. Cradle


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